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Cast the net wide

Take advantage of the wide range of millennium and high-end renters that are part of a very colorful & active Sesiaa community. With sesiaa you get to market to renters world-wide through our data driven marketing strategy and partnership.

Get 100% control over your property management seamlessly

Sesiaa gives you the power and the ability to manage your property all-in-one place. Our Platform allows you save your property records, provide channels to market your products and know how each product is performing on the open market.

Be competitive with latest market trends

We provide you with in-dept analytics about your entire inventory against the the total market (other agents).You can access analytics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We are search engine friendly and a continuous innovative platform so you can rest assured we will introduce features that will make your job easier.

Keep tabs on each property

Once a property is uploaded to Sesiaa you can instantly save records and see analytics of properties. You can also see where your prospective clients are coming from and see live feed of your product.

Build trust through recommendations

We at Sesiaa understand how important recommendations are to the real estate industry, therefore we creatively provide the best way for you to collect recommendations and star rating. We've made it easy for renters to view your performance and recommendations and easily build trust.

Save 26% on your budget

Our aim is grow businesses but not destroy them, therefore our prices are set in a way that you save 26% on any package you select. Our prices are flexible. We are with you all the way of your digital marketing and management of property.

Share your work load with us at anytime any day

Sesiaa's office is open to assist you when you need help most. If you're out of town our stand by agents are ready to act on your behalf and keep you in the know. We are one call or click away to help you.